Midnight Ramblings

Midnight Ramblings

Here I sit at my computer…staring at my blog…a little after midnight.  A scene I’m used to since I often work on my blog at night.  But there are plenty of days that I sit at my computer and stare at a blank entry and think about what I had in mind for this little piece of internet space and how I haven’t had the courage to do it yet.

I named the blog “Pieces of Me” because my original intention was for this to be a platform that I could speak on things that have happened in my life.  To maybe help someone else who has gone through or is going through similar situations, or maybe to just open someone’s eyes to a different way of seeing some topics that are less talked about.

I started out well with opening up about being intuitive and started to explain a few of the different ways this can show up in people….but stopped  before I got to the more important and dominant “clairs” for me.  That topic was supposed to be the “ice breaker” for me to then talk about the more difficult aspects of my life that I have been holding onto since childhood.  Many people I’ve known throughout my life, don’t really know me and that’s because I just don’t talk about a large portion of my past.  It’s sad that society hushes certain topics or that it’s socially unacceptable to talk about things.  Or that people have to worry about being judged or looked at differently for things that are not their fault.

With this blog, I had wanted to open the lines of communication- to be someone that others going through similar situations could read this and find solace in the fact that someone else knows what it’s like- or to change someone’s mind who had made their own opinions without having any real information. But I haven’t because it’s very hard for me to open myself up and talk about things.  But that was exactly the point of making this blog in the first place.  I think it’s sad that I’m almost 32 and have gone through life without letting people really get to know me. I feel it’s wrong that society says certain topics shouldn’t be talked about, or should only be “whispered”…but as much as I feel that way, I am also afraid to open up.  Not just to the world,  but more so to friends and acquaintances who find this blog through my FaceBook page.

I have a lot of topics that I could speak on- such as living through sexual/emotional abuse from living with a horrible person growing up, having zero privacy in my home because I was secretly watched and spied on, having dealt with infertility in my relationship as an adult, having become a surrogate, miscarriage, my mother dying of cancer…I have had experiences with all of these situations and then some.  I feel like I have come out a stronger person.  Someone who is always fairly optimistic and happy.  People who know me, probably aren’t aware that most of these things have happened in my life….but they are all bits and pieces of my life who make up who I am today.

So one day, you may come to my blog and see entries on topics such as this.  I know that right now, I mostly use it for my monthly Stitch Fix updates- and while I enjoy doing those entries and will continue to do so- one day I will get up the courage and figure out how to put my thoughts down on the above topics.  If anyone would be particularly interested in reading about any of these topics, you can let me know through message at kelly@tranquilearth.net.  It might give me the kick I need to write these entries sooner rather than later…

Stitch Fix Review May 2015

Stitch Fix Review May 2015
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My favorite time of the month- Stitch Fix time! (excuse me while I do a happy dance.) I’m still so excited to see that package arrive!  I may or may not update the tracking page 50 times a day, every day once I get that shipping email. Some might say I have a problem- and to those people I say- I don’t care!  Try it yourself– you’ll see.  Warning:  You might become slightly obsessed- but is that really a bad thing??  If you want all of the info on how Stitch Fix works, read my first blog post about it where I explain it all in detail.

I thought it might be fun to do a little behind the scenes info on what goes down when I actually make this blog:  A question was asked in a SF Facebook group I belong to about who takes pictures of you in your Stitch Fix clothes (for blogs or to show other people for opinions).   The person who takes my pictures is  my husband (unless you see the awkward selfie ones).  He doesn’t complain too much, he’s actually pretty great about it.  He tries to act like he’s some big sought after photographer saying things like “Beautiful darling, beautiful!  Gorgeous!” (read in french photographers voice).  Random crazy noises might come out of him that are meant to make me laugh to get “a more natural smile”.  Ha, gotta love a guy who doesn’t mind taking picture after picture of you in new clothes, lol.  
Hubby/Stitch Fix photographer
 his blog debut 🙂

Okay, let’s jump right in to what you came here for:  The Clothes!

So this month I told my stylist, Kristy, that I was in desperate need of help trying to make all of my random pieces of clothes into outfits and to please please lend her styling expertise to my fashion clueless self.  I would seriously be living in blue jeans and gray or black t shirts if it wasn’t for Stitch Fix ya’ll.  The most variety you would get out of me is if I’d wear a t-shirt or a tank top that day.  Wait, what’s that?  I just broke out a gray and white striped tank top, I’ve gone wild!    Anyway, let’s check me out in some beautiful MINT colors, shall we???

Margaret M Emer Textured Cropped Straight Leg Pant $98

(Now that we have determined I will never make it as a model, let’s look at the clothes!)
These pants.   I love the color.  They are high waisted, so they are great for those that want to conceal the extra slice -or three- of cake they ate.  (who me??)  Another great thing about the Margaret M’s are that they are pull on pants- no buttons or zippers to deal with.  They are really comfortable but a bit big on me.  I noticed that if I sat down and tried to stand back up, that I would feel the need to keep pulling the pants up.  I also heard that they kind of loosen up throughout the day which would mean they would be even bigger on me.  I thought about keeping them and perhaps throwing them in the dryer (! don’t think your supposed to) to see if that would shrink them to the correct size, but then I had visions of ruining my beautiful mint ($98) pants after only one wear.  That, plus I didn’t really have anything else to go with the pants besides black and white (shocker, I know).  I’m sad to see them go.
Close up of the “texture” on the pants:
Status:  Returned

Skies are Blue- Sue Eyelet Detail Top $48

Side detail

Sorry for the selfie pictures and all of the little matchbox cars in the background (they are everywhere in my house!)  

My stylist suggested pairing this shirt with the Emer pants, skinny jeans, or colorful shorts (why is there no picture of me in colorful shorts??  oh yeah- I’m serious about this blue, black, and white thing).  I think they go great with all of the options.  I love the lace detailing on this shirt as well- but it’s see through, so I have to wear a tank top under it- and I also felt it was really boxy on me.  Looking at the picture it doesn’t seem too bad, but whenever I tried it on, I just didn’t feel comfortable in it.  I’ve learned that even if I think it’s pretty, if I don’t feel comfortable in it, it will just sit in my closet and I’ll never wear it, sooo…
Status: Returned

Splendid Aledo Reversible Pullover $58

Okay, I really need to step up my picture game next month…. My stylist suggested that I pair this awesome pullover with white shorts.  That would be a great idea.  I tried and found out that mine were too small- so I just threw on any pair for the picture. I’m also wearing my Just Black skinny jeans from a previous fix.  These jeans are still my favorite.  I think I need another pair before I wear these ones out.  But anyways- I was intrigued when I found out that I was getting a sweater in (what feels like) summer, but I love it!  It’s so comfortable I want to sleep in it!  And it’s reversible- 2 shirts in one!  Kristy was right on the mark- she acknowledged that it was warm here but thought I might love this for cooler nights or for lounging around……or for when the restaurants here want to put the air conditioning on arctic blast!  It’s perfect.  Love.  
Status:  Kept

Kensie- Knox Polka Dot Dress- $68

This dress means well, it does.  It’s another lovely mint color…but it does absolutely nothing for me.  There is a reason I didn’t put my own picture right after.  I felt like I had to stick up for the dress first, because:
No.  Just No.  It just hangs on me.  I feel like I’m wearing a bag. I’m sure maybe a belt could help the situation….but I only own a black belt.  (I need a leprechaun to ride his little green butt in on a rainbow and drop a bunch of color in my house- or more specifically- my wardrobe).  Here is a close up of the button detail:
You wanna know something?  These buttons all work- they aren’t just for decoration.  You want to know how I know that?  Funny story.  I tried putting the dress over my head- got stuck.  I tried stepping in the dress and pulling it up over my hips and butt- got stuck there too.  So I meticulously undid most of these buttons (before getting really tired of that and stopping halfway down) and tried to slide it over my head again…still got stuck.  With the dress mostly over my head, one arm in, one arm stuck straight up in the air- only my eyes peeking out of the head hole- and my 5 year old son laughing hysterically as I say “I’m stuck I’m stuck”.  Don’t be me, people….come to find out….there was a side zipper.  A SIDE ZIPPER.  After all that.  So then I had to button each one of those suckers up again. Well, at least my son and I had a good laugh, lol.  This may have also clouded my judgement on the dress.  I have seen it look nice on other people, but it’s a big ole no for me.
Status:  Returned quickly  (darn side zipper.  “hey mommy- remember that time you got stuck in your dress??”  Ha, yes honey, yes I do…..)
Street Level- Juno Small Folded Clutch $38

I love this purse.  I don’t usually carry clutches, but this comes with a removable gold chain to use if you’d like.  I love the bright yellow color and it’s still big enough to carry the essentials, without enough space to allow all of my papers, receipts, and junk to take over!  And look at that price!
Status:  Kept

With all of this talk about me needing color, as I’m writing this I realized that I only kept the navy/white shirt….and the yellow purse.  At least I can pretend I stepped out of my comfort zone since I kept the purse 🙂  Anyway, I loved this fix.  I’m going on a cruise to the Bahamas in August, so maybe I’ll start to ask for some cruise wear next month? It’s great having a stylist to help you with these things!  If you want to see how your own personal stylist would do, try it out here!

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