Monday Laughs

Monday Laughs

Who doesn’t need a laugh on Mondays?  I’m starting a new section called Monday Laughs (unless someone can be creative and give me a better suggestion?) where I’ll just post some funny things I’ve seen around the web throughout the week.  Just something to  brighten your Monday!

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This was apparently from a police call log…

I don’t know why I love this so much, but I do.  Just picturing people trying to sneakily peek out of the windows watching to see if the cardboard cutout of Arnold Schwarzenegger is still looking at them, hahaha.
This next one is so me.  And it makes absolutely no sense, I’m just glad I’m not alone on this:
Don’t you love those “You had ONE job!” pictures?  Where they show some crazy mistake a person did on the job?
you had ONE JOB best for baby liquor
All the best for your baby?  Huh, and here I am thinking my baby should be getting milk.  You had ONE job!  haha
or this one:
you had ONE JOB clock
How did this make it past inspection??
To see these and a lot more, head over to this site.
If you have any of your own that you’ve seen out and about, feel free to post.  I love seeing those!
Did you ever break something, but are too lazy to actually fix it?  But you just really really need it to work?  You’re not alone.  These people felt the same way:
The driver who won't leave home without a side mirror.
Nailed it!  Totally legit replacement for a side mirror, I think…
The citizens who duct taped this street back together.
Well….A for effort?  
The person who broke this plate, but you'd never know it!
I mean, that must have been the last clean plate in the house or something right?  
Haha, for 25 more of these, check out this site.
Ok, that’s it for this week.  I hope that brought a smile to your Monday!  Check back next Monday for some more funnies!  

Stitch Fix Review June 2015

Stitch Fix Review June 2015

I actually received this fix earlier last month in May, so it’s a little late, sorry!  But it just means that you’ll be getting another Stitch Fix post soon because I just got the shipment notification for my June fix!  (eeeek!).  Update:  I also just started a Facebook page for the blog today (6/27) so if anyone wants to follow me, I would love to have a more interactive experience with yall rather than just feel like I’m sitting here writing by myself! haha. You’d be the first to know when a new post or giveaway is up, or give feedback on what you’d like to see more of, etc. Feel free to follow along with me here!

So you guys- this fix was a home run!  When I first tore open my box and saw everything, I was a little confused since everything was either black or white.  But, my wonderful stylist knows me well and mentioned that she knew I loved neutrals and was just going to stop fighting it and give me what she knows I’d like.  Well…..she was right!  I loved just about everything!  Take a peek!

Pixley Carlie Mixed Laced Short Sleeve Shirt- $54


31 bits Citron Escape Beaded Necklace$38

Back cutout- plus you can see the detail better

I love love love this shirt and I’ve already worn it a bunch of times.  The lace detail is beautiful and it even has cute cut outs in the back!  The best part is, the cut outs don’t interfere with bra wearing!  I love to wear it with jeans, skirts, or shorts.  The lace is also a lot more durable than I would have thought.  I’m not worried that it’s going to pull on every little thing.


So, Kristy must be able to read  my mind as well.  The color of this necklace perfectly matches some mint colored pants (picture above) that I just bought off of ThredUp (check out my new ThredUp review posting soon!)  I got these awesome Fossil Jeans brand new, with tags.  Originally $98, got them for $22.  This necklace was made by women in Northern Uganda out of recycled paper.  Recycled paper.  It’s amazing.  Whenever you purchase these necklaces, proceeds go  back to the women of the country.  I’m kind of a sucker for necklaces this length, especially beaded ones.

Status:  Kept both and LOVE

Gilli Kamile
Jersey Ruched Detail Dress- $64

I asked for this dress and my (must be magical) stylist sent it my way!  I was excited to see what color she sent me.  I pulled out this lovely black dress.  The black was a bit of a let down at first, but Kristy knows me well.  I don’t really have a great little black dress, and this is perfect!  It fits wonderfully.  It’s tighter up top, then skims the rest of the body.  I also love how the shoulder straps are wider so you don’t have your bra hanging out.  (Is it just me with all of these bra dilemmas?)  Anyway, I would buy this dress in like, 30 different colors.  Nice soft material and a great length that I don’t have to worry about it blowing up or when I bend down.   This is also a great staple to dress up with pearls or a sparkly necklace or  dress it down.  I couldn’t get a great picture of it, but it’s a great dress for everyday.  I also found this same dress cheaper on ModCloth, so Stitch Fix priced matched it for me!  $49.99.

Status: Kept and LOVE

Liverpool Susie Bermuda Shorts- $58


Renee C Puebla Knit Top- $44

ignore the gray tank underneath!

I also asked for a pair of white shorts or pants.  I only have one pair from years ago that are too small for me now, and my wardrobe is seriously lacking some white bottoms.  Kristy sent these white bermuda shorts.  They’re great!  You can put them in the washer and dryer, so that’s always a plus.  They are also pretty thick so they aren’t really see through.  It feels great to have white bottoms that fit again!  I have a ton of shirts that have been screaming for some white shorts!


This shirt is fine, but I already have a lot of black and white striped shirts.  It’s very soft, made of 100% rayon.  But it’s also dry clean only.  And even though it probably looks better on me than some of my other black and white striped shirts- it’s too much hassle for a basic shirt that I already have a few of.

Status:  Kept both!  (only kept the shirt for the discount)

That’s right!  I kept it all!  It was a great fix for some basic pieces that I really needed!  If you’re interested in getting your own fix, check it out here!

That does it for this month, I’ll be posting another one soon since my next fix is in the mail!!!

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Have you ever heard of ThredUp?  It’s like an online consignment shop that sells new and lightly worn name brands for cheap!  Check out my review here.  (New review coming soon!)

Stitch Fix Reviews are coming!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t put my new Stitch Fix Review up yet.  I’ve been busy moving today and the last few days!   But I will be posting my last review and a new one that should be here in a week or so shortly!   I’ll be glad when all of moving business is over!