Monday Laughs 7/27/15

We’re back with another edition of Monday Laughs!  This week, we’re gonna give a shout out to some late night tv shows.  How about a little Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno?  I love them both.  Who’s your favorite late night TV host?  We won’t have a Monday Laughs column next week as I will be out of town for vacation, but there will be a lot happening on the blog in August.  If you’re subscribed to my newsletter stay on the lookout for a way to be featured on Pieces Of Me!  I’ll send the newsletter out August 1st.  If you’re not subscribed yet, just look at the top of the page for a way to do so!

Enjoy your week and I’ll talk to you soon!

Jimmy Fallon did a piece on parenting fails where he asked twitter followers to send in funny stories of them or their parents making a “parenting fail”.

Found this video here.

I miss Jay Leno.  My favorite part was Monday Night Headlines where he had a segment on funny news articles.  Check it out below.

video found here.

Girl Behind The Blog

Photo by Jeadra Photography& Events

Here I am sitting at my computer a little after midnight, wanting to share a post with you, but not really feeling what I had planned for today.  Let’s do something spontaneous and have a “Get To Know You” post…or Girl Behind The Blog as I like to call it.  This totally goes both ways though.  I know I’m not that exciting.  I would love to know about you as well, so feel free to leave your list in the comments below!

Here’s a few fun facts about me (the girl behind the blog.  Are you sick of hearing me say that yet? Well, I’m not.  It’ll probably be in here a couple more times)

1.  I was born and raised in Rochester, NY.  Cold, snowy, and cloudy 8 months out of the year.  I left as soon as I could.

2.  I have a passion for travel, daydreaming, and food.  Specifically carbs…and sugar…and cheese….am I getting off topic?

3.  I can write with my toes.  Exactly what it sounds like.

4.  I used to be a professional poker player.  So long as by professional you mean, that was my only source of income for a while….not that I was on TV or anything.  Let’s not get carried away.

5.  I used to be an international flight attendant.  So long as by international we mean, only flying to London multiple times- for a job that lasted like 6 months.  Then the company went under.  It was fun while it lasted though!

6.  My favorite color is green.  Come on, you were dying to know

7.  I lived in Rochester, NY, Providence, RI, High Point, NC, Las Vegas Nevada, Atlanta, GA, Hilton Head Island, SC…and London, England.  (Can we throw London in there just to sound cool?  I mean, I did stay in the same hotel every time I went.  That counts right? Judges??  Judges?  It Counts!)  Some places longer than others.

8.  I love action and horror/suspense movies.  Sci Fi and I don’t get along. You can keep your aliens and space ships.

9.  I am afraid of balloons.  Ok, not all balloons, but the ones with string that people tie to a chair or something.  I know…it’s crazy.  I still don’t like it.  Or the strings that are on ceiling fans for that matter.

10.  While we’re on fears- Please don’t touch my jaw.  Why would you?  I don’t know, but people do more often than you think.  Have you ever had your jaw dislodge and then you can’t shut it for a while?  Scariest thing ever.  Scarred me for life.  Twice.  Did I get in a fist fight?  No.  Did I sky dive and break my jaw?  No…I yawned.  Yes, very exciting.  I yawned, my jaw dislodged, and I couldn’t open or shut it.  Twice.  Now let’s never speak of this again, lol.

11. While I’m embarrassing myself, do you want another random fact?  I once singed my nose hairs.   You know with fire.  I’m a huge pyromaniac.  Or not.  I was smelling a candle….apparently a little too closely.  Go ahead and laugh.  Have you ever heard your nose hairs sizzle before?  Uggggg.  Fire in my nose, Fire in my nose!  Anyways…

12. I usually change houses every year.  Even if we stay in the same city, we still usually move houses.  I like change, what can I say.

13.  Speaking of we- I am married and have a 5 year old little boy– who thinks it is so much fun to move and always asks me when “so and so” are moving to a new house.  “Honey, most people don’t like to change houses as much as we do”

14. I am an introvert.  

15.  I believe everything happens for a reason and that you should always have a dream to chase.

Ok, enough about me.  Let me hear about you!

Girl Behind The Blog (there, I had to do it one last time, since I told you I would.)  Better known as Kelly.

Nassau in a Day

Ah, the Bahamas.  Beautiful palm tree lined beaches, crystal clear blue waters, conch fritters,  fresh daiquiris,  history.  What’s not to love?  You can find a lot to enjoy here, however many people visit Nassau while traveling on a cruise ship.  That means they only have 1 day or less to experience everything Nassau has to offer.  With all there is to do, how do you narrow it down to decide what you will do with your day?

It depends on what you’re interested in.  Here, I have given you a few good options.  I have only been to Nassau once myself, (and I’m about to go again in a couple of weeks!).  So some of this information is first hand, and some of it is based on my (somewhat obsessive) extensive research.  (Update: 1/8/17 I’m now about to go to Nassau for my 4th time).  If you’ve read some of my other travel posts, you already know that I love to research all different cities and vacation spots even if I don’t end up making my way there.  It’s half the fun for me!  While, I know a lot of people may think I’m crazy for spending my time researching cities that I may never make it to- here is your chance to at least benefit from it!

Melia Resort Day Pass

If you’re looking for a beach day, this could very well be it.   I came here last time and got the day pass at the Melia Resort (formerly known as the Sheraton) located on Cable beach. To get here, just take the #10 jitney (van bus). It costs $1.25 per person each way.  Make sure you have correct change, and make sure that it’s the #10, NOT the #10A.

 You can buy the day pass the same day you arrive at the resort or go to to pay a deposit and pay the rest when you get to port. $30 to $35 per person.   It gives you access to their beach, pools, towels, restrooms, bars, chairs. non motorized water sports ( I recently read that the non motorized water sports may no longer be included to day pass guests and now may only be for people staying at the hotel itself.).

  I remember at the resort, they have this poolside restaurant that serves some pretty darn good conch fritters.  Conch is a Bahamian delicacy.  It’s a shellfish that can be fried (cracked), ceviche, frittered etc.  I also got a Switcha while I was there.  It’s local Bahamian drink which is pretty much a homemade limeade…and it’s delicious.  

1 of the pools.  You can see how close the beach is.
The beach and lounge chairs.

Beautiful view of the ocean from the on site outside restaurant

Pool with waterfall

(There are a few other resorts that do day passes as well.  If you’d like to check them out, I know that British Colonial Hilton and Breezes have their own programs.)

Crystal Palace Casino

Once you’re tired of the beautiful beaches and pools, why not walk on over to the Crystal Palace casino?  It’s adjacent to the resort. They have about 300 slot machines along with virtual table games. Games range from penny slots to $25 slots.
Note: They only run live table games on certain weekends.

The Daiquiri Shack

So now you’ve hit up the beach and won some money at the casino.  Walk just next door and there is  this little place called The Daiquiri Shack (Daq Shack).  I hear this place is AMAZING.  Seriously, so many people have told me about this place and not one person had anything negative to say.  It’s right across the street from the Melia.  I didn’t know about it last time I was in Nassau, but I can’t wait to go this time!  They make all sorts of daiquiris with fresh fruit…cut up right in front of your eyes.  You can pick up to 3 fruits to mix together.  Everyone I have come across say they are the best- even if you get it without any alcohol. Really, if you don’t believe me, just go look at their Trip Advisor reviews.  They have quite the following.   Ahh, I can taste them now!  17 days 17 days.  lol.

*Update 1/8/17* I’ve now been there multiple times, and it really is amazing!  The people who run it are really nice, and the drinks taste so good.  I don’t know what happens to Bahemian bananas, but they taste nothing like the bananas in the US.  I really don’t like US bananas, but put them in your daiquiri here and it’s delicious!  You can’t beat the $6 price tag either!

Arawak Cay

You also can’t miss the Fish Fry in Arawak Cay!  They have a lot of little restaurants all in one area that serves local Bahamian food.  All sorts of conch, peas n rice, seafood, great drinks.  If beer is more your thing, the local Bahamian beer is called Kalik.  Plan ahead when you go here though because they are definitely on island time.  It could take a few hours to complete your meal.  There are a few famous restaurants in there like Twin Brothers and Oh Andros.  I didn’t make it here last time I was in Nassau but I really hope to get there this time.   

Cracked Conch.  You need to try this!
Kalik.  Bahamian Beer.


The Graycliff’s hotel is known for their famous chocolates!  They offer quick tours of the facilities, along with longer tours where you can learn to make your own chocolate!  They also offer cigar rolling classes.

I want this in my mouth now.  I am definitely checking this out when I go!  I will probably be bringing boxes of these home.  If you want to see more about the tours,  check it out here.
Pirate Museum

If you have kids with you, or if you’re into the pirate history of the island, you might want to explore the interactive pirate museum.  It features real sounds as if you were there (like the ocean lapping on the boat, pirates cheering, etc), an area where they have objects and remains from pirate times, another area where they dispel the many myths and enlightens you to the reality of the times- sometimes even more adventuresome than they myths (according to their website).  They also offer a gift shop. The costs are $13 for adults or $6.50 for kids ages 4-17.  You can learn more here.  .Even though we’re not bringing my son with us this time- it might be fun to check out.

Queens Staircase

The Queen’s Staircase consists of 65 steps carved out of limestone by slaves back in the late 1700s.  It is honoring Queen Victoria for her help in bringing about the abolition of slavery in the Bahamas.  The staircase is free to visit and walk up.  

Straw Market

If you’ve come to the Bahamas to shop, you’ll probably find yourself at the Straw Market.  They sell all sorts of hand woven straw hats, bags, conch shell jewelry, wood carvings.  Break out your negotiating skills here.  They are accustomed to going back and forth on price.  One word of caution however: Make sure it’s locally made if that’s what you’re looking for.  I’ve heard some people say that they noticed a lot of the items came from Asia…

Those are a few ideas to get you going on planning your day in Nassau!  Check back in August for my Carnival Cruise Review and pictures on what we ended up doing in Nassau!
Have you been there before?  What are your favorite things to do?  Anything I shouldn’t miss while I’m there?  

11 Airline Secrets from an Airline Insider

11 Airline Secrets from an Airline Insider

Ever wonder why your seats have to be in the “upright and locked position”?  Why your windows have to  be open during take-off and landing?  What the flight attendants real job is?

Well, I’m about to tell you.  I worked in the airline industry for a number of years, both as an international flight attendant and later on as a reservations agent for some of the big airlines.  At the end of this article, if you can think of any more questions you would like answered, go ahead and ask them in the comments and I might make a Part II.

1.   The most dangerous times while riding in an airplane, no matter the length of the trip is always going to be take-off and landing.  That is when most things can go wrong.  The plane is basically all under the hands of the pilots during those times.  While the plane is actually in flight, a lot of the actual flying is handled by computers,

2.  Ever wonder why the flight attendants always harp on you to have your seat be in an upright and locked position and the tray tables stowed during take-off and landing?  They really don’t just love going around to repeatedly ask you to do that, but it’s for everyone’s safety.  If something were to happen and we needed to evacuate the plane, your seat being all the way back blocks the aisle for people to walk if they needed to get out of the plane.  No, not the aisle down the middle, but the ones that would lead you to escape through the windows of the plane.  In the mad rush that would happen of everyone pushing and shoving to get off the plane, the last thing we need is your seat back or tray table blocking the way, making it more difficult for people to get out.

3.  Don’t ever drink the coffee on the plane.  Just don’t.  There is a reason airplane coffee gets a bad rap.  It isn’t made with bottled water, and let’s just say that the airplane’s potable water isn’t very desirable. The valves for cleaning out the lavatory waste and filling the clean water are very close to each other and sometimes serviced by the same guy…at the same time.

4.  Love that free alcohol in first class?  Well, if you love it a little too much and start getting to the point that we think you need to be cut off, but you keep asking for drinks…there is a good chance that your rum and coke is just coke, with a little bit of rum along the rim of the glass to make it taste like the liquor is in there.

5.  While we’re on the topic of drinks- The flight attendants are not actually there to be your waiters or waitresses in the sky.  Sure, we do it, but we are actually thoroughly trained in safety for various situations.  We are trained to do CPR, use epi pens, AED and defibrillators, we take self defense courses and practice what to do in case someone gets unruly or tries to take over the plane, we are there to guard the cockpit so people don’t get in during the flight, along with what to do in an evacuation.  The correct way to position all of the passengers for a emergency landing, taking the emergency exit doors off of the planes, ushering everyone out while being the last ones out ourselves.  So the next time we smile, ask you what you’d like to drink and say “buh bye” on the way out- know that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes that you will hopefully never need us to kick into action to do.

6.  Secret-  Your flight is probably overbooked.  It has to be.  There are so many people that just don’t make it to the airport on time because they are lost, overslept, or changed their minds. Then factor in all of the people who miss the flight because of a delayed connecting flight.  Airlines have to over book flights because if they didn’t they wouldn’t make any money and would be flying half empty planes.

7.  While we’re on that topic. Do you know why airlines have all of those ridiculous fees for everything now?  Because they probably aren’t making any money off of your actual ticket.  The plane has to fly at 85% full for them to even make $1 off of your actual airplane ticket.  The money comes in because of the baggage fees, or seat fees, or anything else they can think up.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t make the money to fuel the planes let alone be a profitable business to continue taking you where you need to go.  Plus, the ruling was that it was better to charge things separately rather than just adding it all in to your ticket.  That way, if you aren’t checking any bags, you won’t have to pay for it, etc.

8.  Ever wonder why the windows have to be open during take-off and landing?  Because the flight attendants are looking out the windows during that time to make sure the plane is okay.  To make sure that there is no smoke or fire visible anywhere.  And if the windows are open, a passenger is more likely to see it if a flight attendant misses it and will let someone know-or scream.
Same goes for “dimming the lights”.  They don’t turn down the lights when the plane takes off so that everyone can relax and go to sleep.  It’s so that in the case of an emergency, your eyes will already be adjusted to the dark and you can follow the lighted pathways on the floor to exit.

9.  A lot of times you might be able to get a first class seat at a huge discount within 24 hours of your flight leaving.  If first class isn’t sold out, and there aren’t many premium frequent fliers to upgrade on that flight, most airlines discount the upgrade to first class.  Call your airline’s customer service number within 24 hrs of the flight departing to check.

10.  If your plane is cancelled or delayed, don’t wait in the long line with everyone at the gate or ticket counter.  Call the customer service number to the airline.  We get you rebooked too.  We also don’t need the whole story on what happened.  Just your record locator.  Seriously, seconds matter here.  All those people in line at the gate along with probably a bunch of other people that you don’t see (if it’s weather related) are all trying to get out of that city that you are in.  The gate agents, ticket agents, and reservations agents- hundreds and hundreds of airline workers throughout the country are all working with people wanting to get out of your city.  While you are talking to us, we can literally see that the next plane only has 10 seats left and see the number dropping as other agents snatch those seats up for whoever is on the phone with them.  Seconds matter.  If you want out quickly, skip the explanations or the yelling about being cancelled.

11.  Secret- Award tickets frustrate us too.  It’s not a conspiracy against you.  We’re sorry it’s extremely hard to get those seats for a free ticket.  We don’t make the rules.  It helps to be extremely flexible on dates, neighboring cities, etc.  This was my (and many others) least favorite part of the reservations agent job.  Even more than getting constantly yelled at for weather messing up people’s vacations plans.  I’m sorry about that too.  I really am, even if you don’t think so in the moment, I actually am a human on the other end of the phone and am very sorry that your vacation plans are being disrupted.  It sucks, I get it.  But I don’t control the weather.  I have had multiple people threaten to sue me ( not the airline mind you, but me personally) if I did not make a plane magically appear and good weather happen within an hour of their regularly scheduled flight. Multiple people.  If you happen to be one of those people, no hard feelings.  Sounds like you really needed that vacation.  We all do.

That does it for this installment.  If you can think of anything else you’ve always wondered about the airline industry- comment below and I might make a Part II to this article!

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Stitch Fix Review July 2015 and Giveaway!

Stitch Fix Review July 2015- and a Giveaway!!!

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You guys…..I am so excited to share this month’s Stitch Fix with you (and to tell you about our first Giveaway)!!!  There were lots of “Oooooh’s” and “Ahhhhh’s” when I was opening the package.  My stylist is amazing!  She sent some really great stuff.  
Let me back up for a second in case some of you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix.  It’s a personal styling service for clothes.  You fill out a detailed questionnaire to let them know about your style and then each  month (if you want) a package comes to your door with 5 items.  You get 3 days to try on the clothes and decide what you like. You pay a $20 “styling fee” which covers shipping both ways, and the money for the stylist to choose your clothes.  If you like anything that $20 gets taken off your order!  Pretty cool.  If you want to keep all 5 pieces, you get an extra 25% off your total!  You can’t beat that!  If you want to send something back, you just pop it in the postage paid envelope that they provide you and put it in your mailbox.  Easy Peasy.  You can check out Stitch Fix here.
Ok, back to my awesome July Fix.  I had asked for some casual tops/dresses and maybe a bag that could work as a beach bag.  Well don’t you just know my wonderful stylist (Hi Kristy!) found all of that?  A couple months back she even sent me this dress that I loved (here) and on the feedback form, I mentioned I would buy it in every color….seriously.  lol.  Last month she mentioned they didn’t have any in my size, but she remembered and sent me one this month!!!  Giveaway– I am giving away a $20 Stitch Fix gift card to one lucky reader!  That’s $20 off your next favorite item or a risk free fix since it will cover the styling fee!  You can  enter at the bottom of this post!
Loveappella Roose Lace Detail Knit Tank  $48

Someone wanted to join in!

When I got my shipping notice, I looked ahead of time to see what I might be getting (i know…bad!) and I could not for the life of me find this tank!  So when I pulled it out of the box, it was really a surprise.  I think the first thing I said was “Ooooooo”.  It’s a pretty mint green lace overlay with a grey tank under it.  The tank itself is like a soft thick t-shirt material, with the lace overlay sewn on top at the neck and shoulders.  I love the colors and the lace.  Perfect shirt and I’m pretty sure I’m going to live in it.  
Status:  Kept

(Click to read more)

Skies are Blue Henlow Knit Halter Top  $38

This tank is great.  It has an interesting pattern, great colors and a cute cut out in the back.  The only thing is, I don’t usually do halter tops.  I’m small chested so strapless bras don’t work well on me.  I know they make halter ones, but I don’t have one.  This tank is growing on me though, as I look at the pictures, I really do like how it looks.  What’s nice is that it’s looser fitting while still being able to show off your figure.  If halter tops are your thing, I bet you’ll love this one!
Status: Kept for discount

Gilli Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress  $54

This was the dress that I was sent a couple months back in black, that I loved and wanted another in a different color.  Look at this gorgeous green!  Green is my favorite color and I still think this dress is amazing!  I will also get a ton of use out of this piece.  It’s so comfortable while being fitted up top and skimming the rest of the body so it could easily conceal any trouble areas.  She also mentioned that this dress would be great for the cruise that I am going on next month.  I agree!  This dress will look great in the Bahamas!  lol.  
Status:  Kept
Street Level Erik Striped Tote Bag  $48

This is the bag that my stylist sent that she thought would be a great beach bag.  How do they do it?   This is exactly what I pictured when I requested something that could work as a beach bag.  Down to the navy blue and off white stripes.  Perfect for the beach to throw towels, sunscreen, cover up, phone, and other essentials.  It’s a canvas bag too so sand should clean up easily from it!  Nailed it!
Status:  Kept

C.Luce Izzy Striped Dress  $68

You guys, this dress!  I feel like Jackie Kennedy in it!  I took so many pictures of it because I want you to see it from every side, it’s that good!  It seems a little more dressy to me than casual, but I think it’s just because I usually live in jeans.  First of all, it’s navy and white.  The top has some pleats on it….but the surprise is in the back.  Just look at that detail!  And the cut out!  The dress flares out at the waist.  When I searched for this dress before it was delivered, I only saw it in a mint green color….I like this navy even better!  I just love this dress too much to send it back!
Status:  Kept!

I think this might be my favorite fix yet!  And that’s hard to do since this is number 11.  Gosh, next month will be my 12th fix.  A whole year of fixes!  I’m still excited every. single. time.!  I might have to do a 1 year check in post after I receive that box that maybe talks about which pieces are still my favorite and stood the test of time, any surprises from pieces I thought I might not like and did…  If you want to join the fun, start filling out your Stitch Fix questionnaire!
Be sure to check back next Monday for my Monday Laughs column to bring a smile to the start of your week!  Here’s this week’s post.  
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