Carnival Sensation Review Day 4

Carnival Sensation Review- Day 4- Sea Day

*If you’re just joining my review, head on over to the beginning at Day 1.

Oh, and I didn’t forget.  That towel animal that I promised to reveal what it was from Day 3? ….We were told that it was a….
*Silence*  *Blank Stare*  Does anyone see a scorpion from that picture??  No, really...go back and have a look. I’ll wait.  Did you see a scorpion??   Ok, just checking…

I feel like I should include a picture here, but don’t know which one, so I’ll just let you feast your eyes on this beautiful blue water:

Ok, on to Day 4:

I told myself I’d sleep in a little bit today, but I didn’t really.  We were up by 8am.  We looked over the fun times to see what we wanted to do today before we got showered and ready for the Sea Day brunch.  I have been looking forward to this all cruise!  They weren’t doing this on the last cruise I took a few years ago and from what I heard it’s really good.  And I love food!  We went up to brunch and met our waiter, Trinidad.  I want to start this off by saying that all the Carnival employees that I have come in contact with or seen from afar all seem very polite, hardworking, and nice people….  Except Trinidad.  I’m not going to get into specifics.  And I do think he was hard working.  But he made many comments through the whole meal that made me offended.  I don’t know if it was his personality, and he was kidding or what, but it didn’t seem like it.  Maybe we just have different personalities.  Anyways, brunch would have been great if we had a different server.  Chris and I thought the food was the best of the trip.

I took pictures of the brunch menu, but I don’t think they turned out really good for ya’ll to be able to  read them, so any quick google search will show some I’m sure.

I had the eggs benedict and had to try the mac and cheese.  I love mac and cheese, and heard it was really really good at the sea day brunch, so I had to try it.  Chris had the steak and eggs.

It started out with a pastry basket and coffee:

The eggs benedict was pretty good.  I would say that if you get it though, ask for the hollandaise on the side, otherwise when it comes out, it’s kind of cooked on there.
Chris liked his steak and eggs a lot, and also ordered a side of cheesy grits which were also very good.  And that’s coming from a southern boy.
I saved the best for last.  Feast your eyes on the mac and cheese with bacon:
Look at that and tell me that doesn’t look good.  It was all I had heard it would be and more.  Cheesy, creamy, delicious.  I wish I was back there now, lol.  By the way…that thing is huge.  I didn’t realize it would be so big.  Now, granted, it is listed under “entrees” but I guess I just didn’t believe it or I never would have ordered the benedict too.  ha!
Chris also had the cheesecake for dessert and I took a bite.  Neither of us liked it very much.  It was warm?  Just like they kinda let it sit out way too long or something.  Oh well, we were full anyways.  
After brunch we went and laid out in the sun for a while above the lido deck.  I read my book while Chris just relaxed in the sun for a while.  We spent the good bit of the morning and early afternoon just hanging around outside people watching and talking.  After a bit we went to the deli to get some lunch (I know….hungry again?  after what we just had for breakfast??).  I had to get another one of those tomato, mozzarella, and arugula sandwiches.  Should I share another pic just because?  
I think so.  Your welcome.  
Then we had plans to play Bingo at 3:30.  You go in, buy your boards, and dobbers, and you get a couple pull off tickets to play before the game starts.  We won $2 on the pull offs!  Woo hooooo!  lol.  We met a nice group of people who were sitting in front of us.  Turns out they lived right near where we did in SC.  And they had family in the same town I grew up in in NY……and more family back where we lived forever and went to college in NC!  Crazy.  Small world.  Anyways.  So you play 3 games of bingo.  Chris and I have never won before.  I always used to go as a kid with my grandma and my mom.  It’s a fond memory I have as they have both passed away now.  They used to love going, my grandma especially.  They had won a few times back in their day, but Chris and I never have.  Anyway, Chris had been wanting to play ever since the first day on the ship but never said anything to me until today.  The games tend to get bigger prize pools as the session goes on.  First game I think won $100, second game I think won $200?  and the last game had a possibility of winning $5,000 if someone could win within a certain number of balls being called, otherwise, it would go down to $500 for the winner.  Well, that number had come and gone so the 5 g’s were out of play.  We were down to 1 number…and we were the only ones.  (they make you stand up when you only have one number so you can see how many people are waiting).  More numbers are called, more people stand up.  Chris and I are frantically whispering “Come on O 66, O 66!!”  B12!  darn.  more people stand up.  “O….”  yes yes yes  “74!”  darn.  Then, “O 66”!!  Chris and I shout BINGO!!!  then we hear Bingo!  and Bingo!  haha, so we won!  and so did 2 other people!  Ha, that’s ok we were so excited to even win.  So it was the $500 game but we had to split it 3 ways.  We each won like $170.  


After that, we stayed right where we were because they were starting the Hasbro game show. It was pretty fun.  The audience was really into it, everyone was screaming, cheering, and jumping up and down to be called upon to answer questions and get the chance to go up on stage and play the games.  They played a version of connect four and Simon.  After that, we went back to the room to get ready for dinner.
For dinner I started with the crab cake and Chris had the tomatoes and mozzarella.

The crab cake was pretty good, even though it didn’t look all that great.  The tomatoes were also yummy.
For entrees I had the meatloaf and I think he had the veal Parmesan?
The meatloaf honestly wasn’t that great.  The mashed potatoes were delicious though, and the veggies were good.  I had wished I had got the salmon from the everyday menu again though.  
Chris enjoyed his.  He had switched out the diced potatoes for mashed.  
So, remember how my birthday was back on Freeport day?  And they sang to me and brought that banana cake for dessert??  Ok, well….Chris’ birthday is a couple days after mine.  His is actually the day after we leave the ship.  So we aren’t on the cruise at all for his birthday.  At all.  By a whole day and a half.  During the meal, our server says something to us  like “oh, we have something for you later” or ” be sure to save room for dessert” or something like that to my husband.  Chris and I just looked at each other and didn’t really know what he was talking about. We were like, are they really gonna sing to you for your birthday even though it’s not for another 2 days??  And I was all  like ” hahahah, there’s no escaping the embarrassment for you!  I had to sit through it, now you will too!  hahahhaa”  
 Fast forward to dessert time, we order a melting cake… share.  Because we were really really full.  So our server brings that one to us.  Then a few minutes later, we see them coming over….to sing.  They start singing and I’m all smiling and getting ready to enjoy my husband’s embarrassment, until I realize….they were singing to ME!  again!!   hahah what??  And Chris is all sitting there smugly enjoying me having to sit through it again thinking he got out of it. Then that’s over (they bring apple pie by the way) and I was like, “What was that??  How do I get sung to twice??  And my birthday was 2 days ago!”  Meanwhile, the whole restaurant looks at you during the singing….so everyone goes back to eating and minding their own business….when 30 seconds later, the serving team comes back AGAIN!  with another piece of cake…and starts singing…again!  I couldn’t take it.  I just started busting out laughing.  This time they sang to Chris.  All the tables around us just gave us the craziest looks.  Like what the heck is going on???  Haha, it was just too funny.  I think it’s one of those you had to be there moments, but I couldn’t stop laughing for like an hour afterwards.  Anyways, so here’s our THREE desserts when we wanted to share one:
After that, we rushed over to see the 8:15pm show of 88 keys.  That is a fantastic show!  If you get the chance, please go check that one out.  It was great.  Not like any of the shows I’ve seen on carnival before. It’s rather new from what I hear.  Nothing like what you’d expect.  Me describing it wouldn’t do it justice, so I’m not going to.  Just go see it, ha!  After that, we went to go see more of “Bobby Not In The Lobby”.  His music was great again and a nice little crowd all around him.  
I had been wanting to try the martini tasting all cruise and we had never gotten around to it, so I made sure we did it tonight.
Here’s the menu, you pick 4 different martinis to taste for $17.  We shared them:

We chose the blackberry bramble, spicy chipolte, pomegranate breeze, and the sea blue.

They were all good.  The Spicy Chipolte was by far my favorite though.  I would like to have about 3 more of those, haha.  
After that, we went to gamble for a bit in the casino.  I sat down at the slots.  Won a few, lost a few.  Chris went and played some blackjack.  He ended up doing really well.  The whole table did.  Everyone was really nice, the energy was good, and everyone was pumped up.  I’m sure that had to do with the fact that everyone at the table was up in money from when they sat down.  We stayed and played at the table for a little over 2 hours before cashing out.  Between that and our luck at Bingo earlier in the day, it had covered our other gambling losses and covered all of our incidentals from the rest of the cruise.  We got to leave the cruise with money, so that was a nice way to end the last day.  It was late by now, but we went up and had some late night pizza and ate it outside overlooking the water.  It was almost a full moon that night as well.  Really relaxing way to end the cruise, listening to the water, seeing everything lit up by the moon….
Excuse the bite taken out of the pizza.  It was late…and their pizza is good.
Then we went to bed about 3 am, not wanting morning to come and have to go home the next day…
This was our “towel animal” for the night:

A Year Of Stitch Fix

A Year Of Stitch Fix

Wow, 12 boxes of Stitch Fix.  It’s been about an entire year that Stitch Fix has been in my life, and I still get as excited to see that box arrive at my door as I did the very first month.  A year ago, I lived in plain solid color tank tops and jeans pretty much every day of my life.  My clothes weren’t fitting perfectly and they just weren’t very flattering on me.  Couple that with the fact that I just had no clue how to pick clothes out for myself.  I’m a grown adult who was still shopping in the juniors department.  I had tried to break out of that habit, but everything in the “adult” section either didn’t fit me or looked like it was for someone older than myself.  
Fast forward to now, I haven’t stepped foot inside of a mall in a year.  Okay, maybe a couple department stores that are all by themselves, but a mall?  Nope.  I have clothes that fit me much better, flatter my figure, and I’m pretty sure they weren’t from a juniors department.  Also, my clothes have interesting detail, and dare I say…pattern?!  A year ago me would think I was crazy.  
I thought it might be fun to look back at the items I’ve received and highlight which ones have stood the test of time and are in my weekly rotation and which items I really thought I would love and turns out, just weren’t that great….and if I have any regrets that still haunt me of clothes that I sent back!
Let’s start with some of my favorite items that I still wear regularly:
This one is the Renee C Malcolm Dolman Slub Sleeve shirt.  I knew I was going to love this shirt when it first back in my box back in February.  I still do.  It’s easy to throw on without thinking about it and it’s not tight around the stomach, so if I want to pig out on pasta and ice cream, I can still look good.  Let’s face it, that’s always a plus. 
 I just found this shirt (below) on Amazon for $18.85 which seems similar and is on the best seller list.  I think I may have to go order some now!  If you haven’t received a good dolman in your fix yet, check these out, there are a bunch of colors!


The TCEC Donelle V- Neck Button Up Cardigan.  Granted, this one I haven’t worn in the past few months because it’s been 100 degrees here, but it’s one of the items I look forward to snuggling into as soon as the weather gets to…I don’t know….70??  Can’t wait!  It’s a nice pop of color that I normally would never have picked out for myself pre- Stitch Fix.  (same with that Daniel Rainn flower tank from a previous fix!)
I couldn’t possibly have this section without including these Just Black Dean Ankle Zip Skinny Jeans.
I seriously wear these 4 days out of the week….every week.  And they still hold up.  I need to ask my stylist for another pair before I eventually just wear holes in these though.  They are so comfortable and flattering- easily the best jeans I have ever had in the history of ever.
The Loveappella Roose Lace Detail KnitTank is an item that I received recently, but still wear the heck out of.  It’s so perfect- casual, but has a little something to make it seem rather dressy too.  I wear it all the time now in the summer and can see myself wearing it in the fall and winter too underneath cardigans.  The tank under the lace is a very soft, but really well made material and the lace itself doesn’t pull or catch on things.  Love.  
There are many many more items that I love from Stitch Fix, but these are the items that I received that I reach for and consistently wear week to week.  Looking at them grouped here, they seem very basic but well made pieces.  Who doesn’t need a fantastic pair of jeans or a great shirt to wear on days that you feel like eating all the comfort food you can get your hands on?  (It’s not just me right?  I mean hand me some pasta with lots and lots of cheese, mac and cheese,,,noticing a trend?…ice cream and some trashy reality tv and I’m gonna throw myself a party.)
Ok, let’s move on to the items that I bought, but maybe should have just put back in the handy dandy pre paid envelope.
Oh, these pants.  The Margaret M Duboce Straight Leg Jeans. How I loved thee.  So much in fact, that I decided to keep them even though they were digging into my  waist and took 10 minutes to put on.  Oh yeah, I kept those bad boys…and wore them all of….never.  This was before I knew I could ask and see if Stitch Fix had a different size (did you know you could do this?).  I figured I would lose a enough weight and that they would fit great.  Well…that didn’t happen.  Lesson learned.
The Street Level Juno Clutch.  Even though it was a lot smaller than I normally carry, I really really wanted this purse.  It was a bright fun color that I thought would bring some interest into a lot of my outfits.  And it does…except the button the close the purse popped off of it after my second wear.  So now it doesn’t close and looks weird when I carry it, so unfortunately I just don’t use it much.
Over the year, there may have been an item or two that I keep thinking about and wishing that I would have kept.  This is one of them:
The Pixley Stephen Colorblock and Striped Raglan Top.  I almost bought this top, but I went for a different one in that fix instead.  I do wish I owned this.  I like the yellow color and I really like the striped sleeves.  It’s something different that I never would have picked up myself, but I loved it and still do.  
Ok, yes, I know.  This is the same picture as above that I said I should have sent it back and never bought it in the first place.  But it was only because these jeans were too small for me.  I wish I knew to ask for a bigger size, but really….I love them!  Green is my favorite color and these are beautiful.  So, I totally regret not having them and really do miss them.  I just knew that I love my carbs and sugar too much to lose weight for them.  

I can’t believe it’s been 12 boxes of Stitch Fix already!  My closet definitely looks better, but I don’t see myself stopping any time soon!

Are you ready to give Stitch Fix a try and see what your stylist may pick out for you?  Fill out your style profile today to get started with Stitch Fix!
*Disclaimer- This post may have affiliate links.  This means that if you make a purchase through the link, at no additional cost to you, I may receive a small commission.  Thank you for supporting the blog in this way.

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Readers Favorite Travel Destinations

Readers Favorite Travel Destinations

My son in Hilton Head Island, SC where we currently live

I am so excited for this post!  You guys know how I love to travel, so I asked you to send me pictures of your favorite travel destination along with one to two sentences about why you love it so much.  I received some great responses and as a result, my “must see” list has grown extensively!  Read on to jump start your wanderlust!
 *I have included the traveler’s name and blog link, so feel free to have a look at their blogs to learn more about these amazing ladies!*
Let’s start with my favorite travel destination!

London, England

The beauty, the culture, the architecture, the theatre, the parks, the accents….what’s not to love?  London is seriously my happy place.  It brings back so many wonderful memories for me and I cannot wait to go back.

And in no particular order (I have the traveler’s words in quotes, and my thoughts are in italics):

Patagonia Region in Argentina and Chile

We loved the Patagonia region in South America because of the diverse climate. While one day we were climbing on glaciers, a few days later we were at the beach in 70 degree weather.  Everywhere we went we were just overtaken with beauty. It was an honor to see the 8th wonder of the world while on our trip too.”

To me, this place is just breath taking.  How did I not know a place like this existed….that I could actually get to??

Pictures sent in by Caroline of In Due Time

Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas

Our current favourite vacation spot is Atlantis in the Bahamas!  Our 3 and 1 year-old had a blast exploring the beaches and trying out all of the different pools.  A definite highlight was their GIGANTIC aquarium — the shark tunnel is not to be missed!”

We just got back from the Bahamas ourselves, but didn’t make it to Nassau.  Just look at that shark tank!  That alone looks amazing enough for me to want to go back for!
Picturs sent in by Kelly of
Rome, Italy

Out of every country we have visited, Rome is by far my family’s favorite. There is so much history, stunning architecture, and delicious food there. You will be walking through a neighborhood when The Pantheon just appears out of nowhere, it is the most amazing place.”

Italy, especially Rome, is definitely on my must see list.  For one, I’m Italian, but two….can you imagine just walking around and then seeing the grandeur of some of these amazing places.  I feel like it’s a place that can make you feel small…in a good way, and realize what else is out there in the world.  Oh and….THE FOOD.  The End.
Pictures sent in by Kristen of WTF
Northern Scotland (Freswick Castle, Caithness Scotland)
“This incredibly remote and ancient castle is ideal for a place to find peace and serenity.  The beauty is evident from the vastness of the land and the North Sea surrounding the castle. My husband and I found it to be the perfect getaway from the fast-paced, busy lifestyles we live.”
Another very high on my must see list.  Esther sent in a number of beautiful pictures that made it hard to choose the best two to show the peace and raw naturalness (is that a word?) that this place evokes.  I love the stone archway, the fence, the desolate beach….beautiful.
Pictures sent in by Esther V of A Beautiful Alarm
Costa Rica

My favorite place on earth (so far) is Costa Rica.  I have been there nine times and I can not wait to go back.  I love the people of Costa Rica and also how you have so many options of scenery.  There are mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs, beaches, the city, the country and pretty much gorgeous weather year round!”

Sunset at La Primera Fiesta Papagayo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica (

The Baldi Hot Springs, at the bast of the Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica (

Costa Rica is another that has been on my list for a while.  That hot springs picture makes me want to be there right now!  I love a place where you can have so many changes of scenery in the same area.  I’m a sucker for nature, and I know I would love this spot.

Pictures sent in by Esther M of Chocolate Runner Girl

And last, but certainly not least- a nod to finding beauty everywhere we go.  No need to save a bunch of money or spend months planning.  Take Aleshea’s advice and find time to take a little break every day…..
Corpus Christi, Texas

Often times we spend so much time dreaming of the next vacation far away and how we can make it work that we forget we can explore our own backyards. 

This was taken in Corpus Christi, Texas. Water is so beautiful and a great weekend getaway. “

To me, I get a sense of fun, adventure, and freedom in this picture.  It’s true that you can find wonderful places to explore in your own backyards, no matter where you live.
Pictures sent in by Aleshea of Glitz n Grits

 That brings us to the end of the list!  A big thank you to the ladies who shared their travel destinations with us!  I enjoyed each and every one that was sent. 
 I hope it sparked your inner travel enthusiast to get out there and plan some fun adventure for the day!  
Have you been to any of these places?  Do you have a favorite travel spot of your own you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear about them!  Tell me in the comment section below!

Carnival Sensation Review- Day 3

Carnival Sensation Review Day 3- Nassau

If you’re just finding my review, head on over to the beginning on Day 1.

I woke up just before 8 this morning and could see that we were already docked in Nassau!  We always slept with the curtain to the window open to let the sunlight through and to see right away where we were in the mornings!  This morning, this is what we saw:

I loved seeing the lighthouse, but the sky wasn’t looking all that friendly, so we decided to get dressed and go eat breakfast hoping it would be a bit nicer when we were through.
(click read more)

We decided to check out the MDR for breakfast this morning.  We’ve always eaten dinner in the main dining room, but never breakfast.  We went down there and they asked if it was okay to seat us with others.  We said yes, which is also a first for us.  We usually just get a table for two.  There was another couple there when we sat down and we started making conversation with them.  Then another girl came whose friend was still sleeping, and another young couple came after her.  Everyone was very nice, but it was a little awkward.  I don’t think there would have been much interacting between each other if I didn’t strike up some conversations to include everyone.  It was a nice experience to meet some of the other cruisers that way and I’m glad I did it, but we did stick with a table for 2 the rest of the trip.  
Breakfast was really good!  Much better than the Lido buffet.  If you’ve never done it, check out the main dining room for breakfast.  I had a danish and some french toast with coffee.  Chris had a bagel with salmon and cream cheese, eggs, grits, the works.  
After breakfast we got off the ship in search of the number 10 bus to take us to the Melia.  The bus ride is $1.25 per person each way, and you need to have exact change.  I love riding the bus instead of taking the taxis here because you meet some locals that way.  They have a very interesting way of driving in Nassau.  They will ride right up on people’s bumpers, people trying to cut in front of them -within inches of hitting them- and no one blinks an eye at it.  The bus drivers honk their horns at people in the middle of the street to see if they want a ride.  We weren’t at a bus stop- just right in the middle of traffic and people would run across and get on the bus.  The driver stopped in the middle of the road to buy a soda off someone selling it on the street.  I just love taking it all in.  It’s so different then you would see in the states.  Anyway, it was maybe a 10 min drive to the Melia hotel for a day pass that we  were going to do today.  By now, the sky was looking blue and pretty!
At the Melia it’s $35 per person to use their pool, bathrooms, lounge chairs, towels, snorkel gear, and beach for the day.  We were here back when it was still the Sheraton and we loved what they’ve done to the place.  Here’s a few pictures of the pools:


Just a few steps to the beach

We didn’t waste any time getting into one of the pools.  We swam around for a bit until:

It started  raining pretty heavy and everyone ran for cover.  We just waited it out for a couple of minutes under a shelter outside of the hotel.  It was over fairly quickly and we made our way to the beach.  The water was so clear here!
You could see all the way to the bottom very easily.  We saw a few interesting fish swimming about.  And we found what we think is sea glass:
However, it could very well be just regular glass.  lol.  It wasn’t sharp though, the edges were smooth.  
Anyway, I think Nassau’s beach is my favorite for swimming.  The water was so calm and clear.  Normally when I swim in the ocean, I don’t like to go out too far because I freak out over every little think that rubs up against me.  But here, I had no problem going out where I couldn’t even touch the bottom.  
They also had these fun water bikes out there.  I don’t know if the day pass people could use them or if it was just for the hotel guests, but they looked like a lot of fun,
After a while the sky started getting darker again, but Chris wanted to try out the snorkel equipment.  They give you a mask with snorkel, fins, and a life jacket included with the day pass.  You can use them for 1 hour.  We asked the guy handing them out if he though we’d have time to use them because the weather looked bad again, but he said we had plenty of time and that the storm was blowing a different direction and would miss us.  We didn’t really believe him, because guys….that sky was black.  But Chris wanted to try it, so we did.  The guy giving us the life jackets said that it was mandatory that we wear them….but if we “didn’t want to” he couldn’t make us.  hint hint.  Which pretty much meant he had to give them to us but no one wears it, I guess, because we didn’t see many people with theirs on.  
To be funny, Chris put all his gear on, life vest too… Have you ever seen that movie Big Daddy?  We joked that he looked just like Scuba Steve.  
Ha!  I’m sure he’ll probably kill me for putting that picture on here.  Shhhhh.  But just look at that sky behind him!  We went in the water for all of 2 minutes before the thunder and lightening started.  They blew whistles like crazy to get everyone out of the water.  Have you ever been to Nassau during a thunderstorm?  Those were some of the LOUDEST thunder booms I have ever heard!  You’ve never seen so many grown people jump from thunder before.  It was a crazy experience.  I love thunder storms so I was enjoying it….once I was out of the water anyway!  
We decided to call it a day at the resort and changed our clothes.  I had heard of this place called the Daquieri Shack right across the street from the Melia that I wanted to check out.  They make them in front of you with fresh fruit.  It was a quick walk and we found this place:

The drinks were amazing!  You can pick any 3 fruit for them to blend together for your daiquiri.  I picked strawberry, pineapple, and coconut.  It was really good.  Chris got strawberry, banana, mango.  His was even better!  I don’t even like bananas, but let me tell you….the bananas in the Bahamas are very different, because this was delicious and the flavor that came out the most was the  banana.  The other great thing about this place?  These drinks are $6…..with alcohol!!  What a deal!
After that, we took the number 10 bus back to the ship.  We passed a cute little coffee place that we went to last time we were here:
Once back on the ship we got some food and I found my love of the arugula, pepper, mozzarella sandwich.  It’s normally served cold, but I asked for it panini style and they grilled it.
Doesn’t that look so good?  I want another one right now just looking at it.  After that, we hung out on the Lido deck for a little while and then went and got dressed for dinner.  We weren’t quite hungry yet, so we went down to the lobby and watched Bobby.  Bobby is one of their musical performers who sings live music in the lobby…or sometimes not.  Listed in the Fun Times is “Bobby in the Lobby, Bobby sometimes in the Lobby, and Bobby not in the Lobby” depending on his location that day.  He was really really good.  A large crowd would always gather around him.  Sometimes he would take requests, and sometimes he would sing his own choices.  He ever learned some songs on the spot for people’s requests.
If you go on the Sensation- check him out.  We eventually made it to dinner.  
Chris started with the shrimp cocktail and Caesar salad.  I had the chicken fettuccine in a mushroom cream sauce.  It was an entree, but you could get it as a starter as well.
We both enjoyed our appetizers.  The alfredo we actually really good.  It had a lot of flavor that you wouldn’t expect from a cruise ship.  Chris had the oven roasted Tom Turkey for his entree and I had the salmon from the every day menu.  

We both thought it was one of the better entrees we’d had on the ship.  For dessert, we tried to break out of the mold and try something different.  We ordered the cappuccino ice cake and the tiramisu.  After tasting it, we weren’t excited about either and figured we should stick with the melting cake next time.

After dinner, we watched we watched Superstar live karaoke and the love and marriage show.  There were some really talented people doing the karaoke.  This one girl must have been just a teenager but she brought the house down!  She sang Bring Me To Life by Evanescense.  It was the best performance of the night.  She got a standing ovation.  The love and marriage show was funny as usual.  The “newlywed” couple up there was actually the last couple that joined us for breakfast this morning!  Turns out they weren’t even 21 yet, they were on their honeymoon and just got married 3 days prior.  They had to give them some other gift besides the bottle of champagne they normally give out.  We did bump into them playing at the casino later that night though…..
Afterwards, we went to the casino for a bit and then went for a walk outside and chilled on the Serenity deck for awhile enjoying the moon and stars.  We grabbed some late night pizza and called it a night.
On our bed was this odd looking animal:
Anyone want to guess what it is?  Because we had no idea!  We ended up asking someone the next day.  Never would have got that.  I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow!  That’s it for Nassau- stick around for Day 4- Sea Day.

Carnival Sensation Review- Day 2

Carnival Sensation Review Day 2- Freeport

If you’re just joining my review, head on over to the beginning here to read all about Day 1.

I woke up this morning excited to start my birthday and look out the window to see if we were docked in Freeport yet.    We were just pulling in.  Once you dock, this is your view of the actual port area:

(click read more)

You can see Senor Frog’s in the port area and there are people that have tables set up to try and sell you things as you wait on taxis and shuttles.  There isn’t really anything within walking distance to do besides that.  We got dressed and ready and went to leave the room to go to the lido buffet to grab a quick breakfast.  When we walked out of the room, our room steward Alloy, handed me this:
and wished me a happy birthday!  Let the Birthday Celebrations begin!  Breakfast on the Lido wasn’t really anything to write home about and we were off the boat a little after 9am.  We had plans to do the Day Pass at the Grand Lucayan.  It looked absolutely gorgeous when I researched it: infinity pools, swim up bars, amazing beach, lounge chairs, non motorized water sports etc all for just $15 per person.  Heck yeah!  I couldn’t wait to go relax there.  We grabbed a “taxi” (van) for $10 per person round trip, which we though was a good deal, and made about a 20 minute trek to Lucaya.  Our driver mentioned gas was about $5 per gallon there.   He also informed us that it was a holiday in Freeport today.  It was their Emancipation Day.  He let us know that everyone would be at the beach today and a couple of the shops  might be closed down.  We didn’t notice much closed down.  He also talked about their Bahamian flag:  He said that the color black stood for their people, Yellow for their sunshine and sand, and Blue for their waters. 
 They drive on the left side of the road here, and people were flying past us.  He let us off at the Lucaya Marketplace and let us know that this is where they would pick us up for our return trip.  We just got a ticket from the gentleman standing there and they would run the taxis every hour on the hour to pick us up.  
The Grand Lucaya was easy enough to find.  Just a quick walk across the street to this beautiful place. 
I wish I had more pictures of it and could tell you that we spent the day here and had a wonderful time.  Unfortunately, that is the only picture you will get because:
 We went up to the people who were selling the passes.  “2 day passes please”.  “Sorry, we aren’t doing day passes anymore until further notice”.  The sign right underneath them by the way, hasn’t been changed still says that they are.  Well, that sucks.  I really wanted to check that place out.  Oh well.  He said we could get to a public beach access place if we walk down the street past the police station, and take a left.  We didn’t have any other plans for Freeport and we still wanted to see the beach.  We started the walk along with another couple that had been turned away as well.  
Here’s the police station:
I thought their police station looked really beautiful and loved the Bahamian colors.
Past the police station we made a left, down this side street:
It looked a little sketchy, but at the end, we were rewarded with this view:
We spent a great day here.  There were a bunch of lounge chairs set up that everyone was sitting in that didn’t look like it was in front of a hotel or anything, so we put our stuff down on two of them and got in the water….which got deep really fast.  The waves were strong today and pushing everyone down, but it was a lot of fun. It wasn’t the best area for kids because the water got deep really fast, but there seemed to be a lot of little areas that were kind of enclosed by big rocks (that you can see below) that were great for kids.  It was calm and shallow, and we saw a bunch of little kids playing in those areas throughout the day.
After our dip in the water, we wanted to lay out for a bit and went back to our lounge chairs.  After a couple minutes and guy came by and told everyone to get up, that it was for hotel guests only.  Literally everyone got up and he picked up each and every lounge chair and took them away.  No big deal, we just put our towels in the sand and laid out.  I enjoyed some quiet time relaxing on the beach.  Even though we live at a beach at home, my time is usually spent chasing around my 5 year old, making sand castles, and playing in the water.  I took full advantage and brought a book with me.  Anyone ever watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette series?  I bought an easy, trashy read for the cruise:
“I didn’t come here to make friends” by Courtney Robertson from Ben’s season on the show.  It’s an easy, fun read with a lot of inside info into the bachelor franchise and what really goes on behind the scene.  If you watch the show, you’ll love the book.
After a bit, we decided to search for some lunch and drinks.  We remembered seeing a place right where we walked in from the public entrance right on the beach and started heading over there.
Billy Joe’s restaurant.  This place was really good.  
We got their special seafood platter which had cracked (fried) conch, grouper, lobster, and shrimp>  It also came with french fries.  It was $25.  We just got one order and split it.
We also ordered a Miami Vice for me (which was really good) and a Rum punch for Chris.  I think they were each about $9.  
It’s all open and the outside counters are your table with benches to sit facing the ocean.  They also have more picnic type tables further in:

The guy above was cutting open coconuts with a machete looking device.  He was so good at it he barely even looked down at the coconut!  Some people were sticking straws in them and drinking the fresh coconut water.
We swam in the water some more and laid out a little more before heading back to the taxi area.  We got there about 1:20 wanting to leave plenty of time to get back to the ship.  Sailaway was at 5:00 so we had to be back on ship by 4:30.  We figured we’d have to wait around for the 2pm taxi to bring us back but when we got there, there was already a big group of people waiting.  Apparently, the 1pm hadn’t made it there yet.  So we joined the group and waited for a while.  Leave yourselves plenty of time to get back from Lucaya to the ship.  Eventually someone drove up, but then said he had to get gas and would be right back.  After some more waiting, we were able to get on one of the taxis.  This one didn’t look like it would make it though.  It was old and making weird noises.  The driver was getting as many people in as he could, making the “smaller people” all sit together in the back seat and going from there.  There were a few scares but the van made it back to port!  Both drivers that we had were very nice and were engaging with the passengers.  
Once we got back to the ship, we hung out on deck for a while and then Chris wanted to play in the bean bag tournament (cornhole).  
…and he ended up winning it!

Ok, no he didn’t, but it looks like he did, lol.  
After that we went back to the room to get showered and ready for dinner.  It was formal night tonight.
My dress:
We got to dinner and noticed that our lead server, Jiri, wasn’t there.  We asked about him and he had called out because he hurt his back.  But that poor serving team was going down.  I imagine some of it had to do with missing their lead server..and on formal night.  Dinner took a really long time, and there were people sitting their for 20 mins with just bread….no water or anything.  I felt bad for them.  You could tell the service team was really busy.  They were always doing something, they must have had to sing for 15 (other) birthdays, but they somehow kept a smile on their face.  One of the gentleman I (I can’t remember how to spell his last name), came to the table and said that he was so confused with so many people and tables going on, but he kept smiling through it and they all got it done.  I told them they didn’t have to sing for my birthday, they were so busy.  But he wasn’t having any of that. 
For our  starters, I had the strawberry bisque which was very good:
And Chris had the stuffed mushrooms…which were delicious!

I had the lobster with shrimp for my entree and Chris had the prime rib.  We both enjoyed it and thought they were really good.  Chris ordered his medium rare and it actually did come out that way.  For dessert we each got the melting cake again with 2 ice creams.  When we were about finished with that, our service team, who also included a wonderful lady named Supanee brought out another dessert and everyone sang happy birthday to me.  The dessert they brought out was the banana cake.  I don’t like bananas, and had already eaten the melting cake dessert, but it was a nice gesture, especially with them being so busy.  
I don’t know what the deal is with the black banana on top, I’m thinking it’s some sort of flambe thing or syrup or something?  Anyone know?  Chris took a bite of the cake because we felt bad leaving it, but he said it was awful.
After dinner we went and had some of the formal pictures taken and the different set ups through the ship.  These are the two that we purchased, they happen to be the same background:

After we were done playing models, we went to see the same comedian we liked from the previous night do his other show “Man Cave”.  It was funny, he again had the audience laughing the whole time.  For me personally, I enjoyed his 1st show better.  But judging from the laughs from the crowd, everyone liked this one a lot too.  
When that was finished we hung out in the casino again.  Gave some money away.  Chris played some roulette and a quick game of craps that didn’t work out very well.  I played some slots and spent the $20 I allotted myself for that night in the machines.  However, right at the end of the night we decided to play one last slot machine and put another $20 on.  We were down to our last $1 or so  when we got the bonus:

Heck yeah, I’ll take it.  $93!  It put back some of the money that we gave away on the tables.  What game was it you ask?  Well, ummm, I wish I could say it was a super cool game with a super cool name, but it was…..
That’s right….  Kitty Glitter.  haha, What a funny name for a game.  But anyways, the bonus, if you can get it, is really great on this game.

Let’s have another round of drinks!


After that, it was about 1:30 in the morning and we went back to the room and ordered room service.  We each got a Reuben and I ordered a chocolate cake.  The Reuben wasn’t all that fantastic but, the chocolate cake….let me tell you….was pretty darn delicious.  That thing disappeared.  The hubby may have gotten a bite.
Time for bed, here’s a bunny for ya!
Ok, that’s it for day 2.  Hate to leave ya’ll hanging but,