Stitch Fix Review July 2016

Stitch Fix Review July 2016

Stitch Fix Review July 2016 “Going Out in the Bahamas”

Stitch Fix time again!!  For those of you who are used to coming to my blog and seeing travel advice, you may be wondering what the heck Stitch Fix is.  And those of you who are avid followers of my Stitch Fix posts might be wondering why some of my monthly reviews have been skipped recently.  While I still love Stitch Fix (a clothing service company where you get your own stylist picking out items they think you’ll like and get surprised by the items in the mail…yay!), I’ve been having trouble figuring out it’s place in my blog.  Over time my blog has transformed into a niche travel blog and it seems odd to throw in my random Stitch Fix posts.  However, I know a lot of my readers love those posts so I’ve been trying to figure out a way to tie the two together.  
I think I’ve found a way.  When I’m about to go on a trip, I’ll ask my (awesome) stylist to try to find me pieces that will match what I want to be doing at my destination!  So next month, my husband and I are going on a quick birthday cruise.  Normally, I dress really casually….this month, I asked my stylist to pick out some pieces that are more “going out on a date night with the hubby pieces”.  I mentioned we’d be going on a cruise to the Bahamas and likely hanging out at the casino, bars, and comedy clubs on the ship.  I needed a little help to step up my “date night sexy, but still casual conservative style”.  Oh yeah, and I asked for another pair of Just Black jeans because well…..I wear my other pairs constantly and they are fabulous!

Now here’s the thing.  I’m at a loss on what to keep.  So I’m turning it over to you guys!!  I have a few more days before I need to make my decision and check out.  Tell me which items I should keep!!  I like the style of everything, but I think they don’t look great on me, but my husband is telling me differently.  So I’m looking for unbiased opinions!!  Don’t hold back, I can take it!

London Times Cyndee Knit Dress $68

My stylist knows I love the type of dresses that are a mix of solid with a print. I pulled out this dress and instantly fell in love with it.  I loved the blues and greens, and the design reminded me a little bit of an “island” theme.  It’s a really great quality material.  But then I put it on, and…I’m not sure.  It’s a higher neckline than I like.  And that, combined with the thick straps and my broad shoulders I feel makes me look kind of manly….what do you think???

Just Black Judy Scissor Cut Skinny Jean $78

Okay, I don’t care what you people think about this one…I’m totally keeping these.  I love this brand of jean, they always look good on me and are super comfortable and don’t lose their shape.  love love love, keeping no matter what 🙂  And I know this isn’t a great picture of the jeans, sorry guys, but I forgot to take a close up of those.  I am wearing them in all of these pictures though.

*I did wonder what a “scissor cut” was though.  I thought maybe it would be something like a flare leg, but no these are skinny jeans.  Scissor cut literally means….cut by scissors.  The hem by the ankle is a little “unfinished” which I’m told is perfect for going out in?  But my stylist also mentions that you can make a tiny fold if you don’t like the edges that way?  Well, there you have it…scissor cut.  It was new to me.  You can see a close up picture of the scissoring on the shoe pictures!

Creative Commune Nerissa Fringe Detail Blouse $48

This tank top is really cute, it’s a little sheer.  I like the detail of the fringe on the back.  I thought for a second it might make me look like I had a big hairy tarantula on my back, but now it reminds me more of those flapper girls.  I’m  not sold on it…what do you think??

It’s my style, I like basic clothes with a little surprise detail for fun, just not sure that it’s flattering on me.  And I have bra issues with it…. (right now for the picture I just slipped the bra straps down…and don’t even get me started on strapless bras!)

Pixley Studabaker Studded Strap Blouse $48

Studded strap
side view to see how it hangs

This shirt is cute, and I really like the idea of it.  I love the blue color and the studded detail, but it feels H U G E on me.  I know that’s the style….and I want to like it.  I just can’t get over the fact that it has so much extra material, especially when I bend over.  My husband says it looks great….but I’m really looking for opinions on this one in particular.  I really like the shirt….I just don’t like how it makes me feel.  Honestly, I think it looks better in the picture than how I see it  in my head in real life, lol.

DV8 Abbey D’Orsay Flats $65

Ahh, these shoes!!  Soo cute!  I seriously have been wanting some pointed toe leopard shoes to go with skinny jeans.  There’s one thing… feet are really wide.  No joke, my family used to call them Fred Flinstone feet.  I got my mom’s wide feet and my sister got my dad’s cute skinny feet.  So unfair, lol.  The shoes hurt.  And I feel like my foot is spilling out of the sides.  I think the shoes could probably stretch out and fit better….but what if I try, find out they don’t, and then return them all stretched out.  I can’t do that.  I really really want these shoes, but I put comfort over cute shoes.  I’ll have to look for a pair similar to these though! *You can see the scissor cutting of the jeans here.

I think my stylist did a pretty great job picking out clothes that fit me, and keeping my style in mind.

 Okay, it’s time for you to help me decide!!  Is the blue shirt flattering?  Should I suck it up and be in a little pain to have really cute shoes??  Did you know what a “scissor cut” was??  Sound off in the comments below!

Oh, and if you want to try Stitch Fix for yourself, sign up here and I get a bit of credit towards my future purchases.  Thanks in advance!!

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