This is a question I get a lot.  How do you travel so much?  Are you rich?  Do your parents have  money?  I wish I could travel as much as you but I (insert excuse here) can’t take time away from work, don’t have enough money, I have kids, pets, etc.

Adding more travel in your life is easy….if you let it be.

I know, I know.  You’re probably thinking, “Kelly, what the h*ll are you talking about??  Didn’t you just hear me?  My job won’t let me take time off, I got kids, a husband, no extra travel money, and a partridge in a pear tree”.

And if you are thinking that….that is the exact thing that’s stopping you from having the trip you dream of!!

Stay with me here.  The whole world that we live in, everything is made up of energy.  Everything has a certain “vibration”.  That includes are thoughts.  Whatever we’re thinking…well, that’s what’s gonna happen.  It has to.  It’s a scientific law.  For real, look it up.

So the more you’re thinking that you can’t afford to go on a trip…..the more that is going to become your reality.  All you have to do is stop yourself from playing these negative thoughts on loop in your head and instead, change it to what you want in your life instead of focusing on what your don’t want.

Think it sounds like a bunch of baloney?  That’s ok.  Keep on wishing you could take that awesome trip and telling yourself you can’t.

Think it sounds like baloney but figure, “Hey, what do I have to lose?  It won’t kill me to think I could really take the trip”.

Then I’ll show you how!

It’s super easy.  The key is sticking to it.

This is seriously what I do for almost every single trip I go on.

Step one:

Get super duper clear on where you want to go.  There’s a difference between thinking “I want to go to Europe sometime soon” and thinking “I want to go to Edinburgh, Scotland next May with my family”.  See the difference there?  Get really clear on where you want to go, when, and with who.

Step two:

You have to think about it correctly.  Don’t say “I wish I could go”  Or “I want to go”  because all that’s gonna do is keep you wishing and wanting.  Say something like “I am so excited I am going to Edinburgh, Scotland with my family next May!!!!”  Shout it from the rooftops!

Step three:

Feel like you’re going.  Now that you’re saying it (over and over in your head throughout the day), I want you to really feel like you’re going.  When you say you’re so excited you’re going to……really try to muster up that feeling.  Think about another time you were so super excited (or adventurous or relaxed or whatever this trip is gonna be for you).  When you think about going and say it in your head….put those feelings with it.  Remember how we said everything in the world is energy and has a vibration?  Our emotions are the biggest vibration out there.  So this part is huge.  Don’t skip it!

Step four:

Visualize yourself on that trip as often as you can!  Every little detail.  How are you going to get there?  What are you going to wear?  What will the weather be like?  What are you going to do?  Lay on the beach?  Skydive?  Climb a mountain?  Explore the city?  Eat all the awesome food?  See yourself doing all of the things you can’t wait to do while you’re there.  Remember how thinking “Oh, I can’t go, I got this this and this keeping me here”…really will keep you right there?  Can you see how saying you’re so excited when you go, feeling the excitement of being there, and imagining all the awesome things you’ll do there can actually lead you closer to your goal??  Well heck, you can probably at least agree it’s not any worse than what you’re already doing right?  And it’s a lot more fun to do!

Step five:

Plan that trip.  Yup, every bit of it.  Look up hotels and pick ones you want to stay at (you don’t have to actually buy it if you’re not ready….but hey….that’s a heck of a lot closer to going, huh?).  I just mean look at hotels, seriously.  That’s a huge sign to the world that you are for real about going on this trip.  Find out how much the activities cost that you want to do.  What companies do you want to use?  Read the reviews?  Write things down.  All the awesome sites you want to see.  You guys, I’m not kidding you when I say that this is how I do all of my trips.  I plan the crap out of them before I even know that I’m for sure going.  I put that intention out there that I AM going….I do these statements, imagine myself being there, feeling it, planning it.  And you know what?  I freaking go on that trip.

Step six:

Don’t lose faith.  Just keep plugging along.  You can’t be doing all this stuff and then be like “Oh, this is useless.  It’s never going to happen.  I’m never gonna get to travel anywhere.  I’m just gonna be stuck here in this little city forever”.  Can you see how the feelings behind those thoughts are probably a lot stronger than what you’ve been working on?  If you catch yourself thinking like this…..quickly change it!  Keep at it.  No one said you’re gonna end up on the trip tomorrow.  But take little steps each day.  Do the statements, visualizations, feelings, planning….and then take some steps.  Think your boss won’t let you have time off??  Start saying to yourself “My boss gave me the time off for my vacation!!!”  Go through the feelings and seeing it happen in your mind and take your happy butt up to your boss and put in that vacation request!  Keep up those good thoughts and then wait and see what happens!  I bet you’ll get the time you want!

Well there you have it.  The steps that I take to travel the world and how you can do it to.  Simply stop telling yourself that you can’t!  You got this!  Now start planning your trip!!!!!!  <3

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