In Juneau, Alaska- June 2018

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a new post on my blog and hit publish.

I say “and hit publish” because honestly, even though the last real article it looks that I wrote on here was back in September of 2017 (really?!)  I thought about Live Simple Travel Well every day.  Every.Day.  Some days I would actually come in here and write out about 5 blog titles with ideas and notes for each.  But for one reason or another, I wouldn’t write them.  I posted slightly more often on Live Simple Travel Well’s Instagram.

It’s not that we stopped traveling (never!) or that I stopped enjoying to write about it (I’ve always loved the writing aspect and having it to look back on and have my son look back on when he’s older)….I think I was just trying new things.  I made a subscription box company, have been learning and studying other subjects I’m interested in, started an Etsy shop….but my travel blog has always called to me.  I kept seeing my Pinterest notifications that people were still saving my pins years later, saw the traffic on my website prove that people were continuing to visit and I kept thinking about how many cities or countries or stories or cruises or tips, tricks, etc that I’ve missed sharing.

With today being New Year’s Eve, I thought it was a great time to pick back up and start documenting our travels and sharing with the world again.

In 2019, we’ve set an intention to travel more.  To not let things like fear of money or bills or what other people may think or a missing school day to hold us back.  Obviously I don’t mean we’ll travel and not be able to put a roof over our head or food in our mouths or that we’ll have school truancy officers hunt us down for us son missing school (is that still a thing?)….more-so- what I mean, is that we are setting the intention to travel more…with our son…and being open to all the ways that can happen without letting doubting thoughts get in the way.  Just putting it out there to the world that I want to be on more planes, more trains, more boats, see more historical buildings, more cultures, more people, eat more amazing local food, to have more moments of marveling and wonder, more nature, more feelings of being small in a big world, more learning by seeing and doing, more knowledge, more moments that bring about “awe”.  That is my intention for the new year.  And to just be open and accepting of opportunities as they arise and not let old beliefs hold us back.

2018 was a great year where we got to go on an Alaskan Cruise (so so beautiful!), North Carolina Mountains (we now want a cabin in the area, lol), Great Wolf Lodge (our son’s choice for his 8th birthday!), Orlando (hurrication!)…hopefully I’ll be writing about some of those soon!

On the Books for 2019 

(Update 7/2/19)

January– Las Vegas (my son’s choice for turning 9!)
March– London
April or May– Charleston
July- Tennessee (cabin for a family reunion)
September– Detroit for a travel convention!
October- Iceland!!!

We’ll see what else 2019 has in store for us!

Where are you traveling to this year? What was your favorite place you went to in 2018? Share it with me in the comments!  I love to live vicariously through you and maybe give me ideas to add to our future plans!!