Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel London

Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel London

Afternoon Tea is one of my favorite things to do when I visit the UK.  We’ve been once before in London and twice in Scotland. 

This trip we brought our son to London for the first time and he was really excited to experience a “fancy” tea.

We chose the Milestone Hotel in Kensington.  It has great reviews, is a 5 star hotel, the menu sounded delicious, and it seemed that they even catered to kids with a Little Prince and Princess Tea (I’ll be writing a separate review just focusing on the kid’s tea soon!) while keeping the traditionalism and 5 star service/ambiance alive.  Sounded good to us!

They have 3 seatings that you can reserve- a 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm.  We made reservations ahead of time for the 1pm service figuring it would give us the morning to explore or relax and then it would count as a nice lunch.

First thing to note though, is if you’re using your GPS and you put in “Milestone Hotel”…..don’t just assume that when you see one in Kensington that that’s the one to go to.  I made that mistake for you, lol.  Apparently there are 2 Milestone Hotels in the GPS for Kensington.  This made us walk around in circles and then have to run 15 minutes across town through the  Kensington Gardens to the real one (put in Milestone Hotel and Residences in the GPA).  This area looked much more like the 5 star hotel we were expecting, lol.  We were 30 mins late and were worried that they wouldn’t seat us since they only had set times, but they accommodated us -and another late family- just fine.  (*With a note that they would need the table by 2:50 for a 3pm seating.)

Running through the Gardens.  Okay we may have stopped for a picture because it literally started snowing for 1 minute while we were running through, then all of a sudden the sun came out and it was beautiful!  We would have missed the snow had we been to Tea on time, lol.

They took our coats to the coat check (which my son thought was the greatest thing ever.  He proclaimed “This place IS fancy….they took our coats! hahaha….maybe he saw it in a movie??  I still have no idea, but it made his day, lol)

They started with taking our tea order…I had chocolate heaven, my husband had the oolong.  Both were good, my son even liked mine.  He had never tried tea before.  (Don’t worry, if kids don’t care for tea they have other offers for them which I’ll go into in the kid’s tea review!)

their china

After they brought our tea, they brought our the 3 tiered trays.  For the adults, this included 5 kinds of sandwiches on the bottom and then 2 tiers of different types of mini desserts.  They bring scones out after you eat your sandwiches so that they are warm and fresh.  I thought that was a nice touch.  All do the other places I’ve had tea before had the scones on the 2nd tier when the trays came out.  This worked our perfectly, having nice warm scones and what seemed like extra desserts.  They will also refill your tea or bring you a different kind to try if you prefer.

Three tiers of delicious-ness

The 5 different sandwiches (one for each person) included:

Smoked Scottish Salmon and Cream Cheese
Free Range Egg Mayonnaise and Hampshire Watercress
Honey Roast Ham and Mustard (very good….their mustard seems to taste like Horseradish to me…which I enjoyed)
Mull of Kintyre Cheddar and Tomato
Cucumber and Cream Cheese
Chicken Mayonnaise with Chopped Almonds (this is their specialty….and it showed.  So so good.  The crushed almonds are around the outsides of the circular sandwich.)

They gave you both plain and fruit scones with clotted cream and jam.  I can’t even begin to tell you about all of the wonderful desserts.  There were so many.  But I did take a picture so that you can guess….and drool.

top tier of desserts…see above to drool over the second tier

The Milestone also has a special little surprise that they do with the children towards the end while the adults finish eating (you’ll have to check out the kid’s review that’s coming soon for that!) and they will give you “doggy bags” if you can’t finished everything and would like to take something home.  I tired my hardest to finish everything…it’s a lot of food!  But, we took home some leftover scones and ate them for breakfast the next morning before we left for the airport to go back home.

The Milestone Hotel’s Traditional Afternoon tea costs 52 pounds for adults and 26 pounds for kids. There is an added service charge for gratuity.

Have you tried Afternoon Tea before?  Where’s your favorite spot to enjoy it?

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