Stitch Fix Review April 2016 and a Giveaway!

Stitch Fix Review April 2016 and a Giveaway!

Stitch Fix Review April 2016 and a Giveaway!

So excited to be back for another Stitch Fix Review!!  My stylist hit it out the park this time!  It was such a great fix, filled with spring time clothes!
If you’re just hearing about Stitch Fix, you can see the full details here.  For everyone else, let’s get on to the good stuff!! 
 *And stick around til the end of the review for your chance to win a $20 Stitch Fix Gift Card!!!*
Pixley Millie Textured Dress $68
I love this dress.  It fit perfectly.  Sometimes dresses like this are a little loose on me and only really work with a belt, but this one didn’t need it.  It’s a nice heavy quality, but very soft fabric.  I especially liked the “V” shape in the back.  
I kept this dress and wore it a couple days later for Easter!
Status:  Kept
Loveappella Dewitt Lace Sleeve Henley Knit Top $48

I’ve had a shirt like this pinned on my Pinterest board for a while.  I was so excited to see it in my fix!  The lace sleeves are something I have been looking for, for a while.  I also love the little detail of the cutout buttons in the front.  Such a super cute, but casual shirt.  The material is a little thinner, so I would have preferred a bit darker color I think.  I felt like the shirt clung on my stomach a bit and I wouldn’t have been comfortable in it.  (totally sucking in, in this picture, lol).
Status:  Returned

Loveappella Devon Pleated Mini Skirt $38
So cute!!  I was a little worried when I saw that I would be getting a mini skirt, but this was perfect.  It hit just above my knees which was a great length for me.  The skirt has some pleating in the front and is flat in the back. It’s great for summer as it’s a pretty thin material, but with plenty of coverage.
Status: Returned

Loveappella Mavina Floral Print Keyhole Detail Tank $48

This shirt is everything.  It fit like it was made for me.  It wasn’t too clingy or too loose.  I usually don’t wear shirts with a high neck, but with the cute cut out, I felt it balanced it out.  It’s something that looks great with jeans and also really cute with the skirt that was sent.  Spoiler: I didn’t keep it.  I’m kind of sad about it, lol.  I just knew I was going to keep the dress because I needed something for Easter and for an upcoming wedding.  I also knew that I couldn’t afford to keep everything this month.  So therefore, I couldn’t bring myself to spend almost $50 on this shirt, even though I really really wanted it.  With the discount, I totally would have done it….or if it was the one item I was keeping and the $20 would come off.  BUT, I will definitely request this shirt in a future fix!
(Jeans in the picture are also from Stitch Fix by Just Black.  I found a similar pair here.)
Status:  Sadly Returned

Urban Expressions Adelade Woven Fold Over Clutch $48
I love the woven design on this purse, and the fact that it’s a neutral color that will go with a lot of pieces…but isn’t your basic black or white.  I also am in love with the cute polka dot design inside!!  But if I was being honest with myself, I’d have to admit that I don’t usually carry clutches.  They’re a bit too small for my everyday needs and I already have one from Stitch Fix that I love for the occasions that I do wear a smaller purse.
Status:  Returned
Honestly, I would have loved to keep everything in this fix.  It was one of my favorite fixes so far!  But, I decided to only keep one piece this time to keep my costs down.  I’ll definitely be requesting that floral tank in a future fix though!  <3  
Now you can have your own personal stylist! If you want to see what yours would pick out for you, start by filling out your style profile!  


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Stitch Fix Review- November 2015 and a Giveaway!!

Stitch Fix Review- November 2015 and a Giveaway!!!

This is my 15th fix.  One of the things I love about Stitch Fix is not only do you get clothes hand picked by your own stylist- but it’s also like having a really fashion savvy friend.  I recently bought a pair of red jeans that I have been wanting, but once I brought them home, I realized I had no idea what to wear with them!  Stitch Fix to the rescue!  Instead of shoving them away somewhere never to be seen again, like I used to do, I asked my stylist about it!  For this month’s note I let Kristy know that I had just bought these red jeans and had no idea what to do with them…and also asked for another basic pair of jeans.

I’m also giving away another $20 Stitch Fix Gift Card this month, so stick around to enter at the end of the post!

This is what I received in this month’s fix:

**Feel free to pin any of the images for your Stitch Fix Inspiration boards for your stylist**

Kensie Rebekah Blazer $88

I had this blazer pinned on my Pinterest board.  I love the burgundy/wine color- it’s perfect for fall!  My favorite thing about it is the polka dot lining on the cuffs and on the inside of the blazer.  It’s a great casual blazer or would be easy to dress it up for work.  It just makes me feel more “put together” no matter what I tried it on with!
The only thing that didn’t work for me is that I have pretty broad shoulders and so it was a little too tight for me in that area.  I wanted to talk myself into keeping it, but I knew I wouldn’t wear much because of that issue.

Status- Returned

Market & Spruce Abberly Cut Out Detail Knit Top $48

Look at the back of this shirt!  Love the detail!  I notice a lot of tops have one cut out, but I really like that this shirt has multiple cut outs.  I think the fact that the straps are “twisted” makes it look more feminine as well.  Unfortunately, this shirt clung to my stomach more than I like…the arm in front of the stomach move was not an accident, haha.

*Necklace is from Rocksbox

Status- Sadly Returned

Just Black Jimmy Skinny Jeans $88

I received a pair of Just Black jeans last year and they fit me perfectly.  They’ve been my go to pair for almost a year now.  I was in need of a new pair before I just wore my old ones out and Kristy sent me the perfect ones!!  I like the darker wash, and the length and fit in the waist is perfect.  The Just Black jeans tend to keep their shape too, even wearing them as much as I do!!  And, they can go in the washing machine, which is always a plus!!  (Also in the top picture with the blazer!)

*Cardigan is Stitch Fix from a previous fix, so is the tank underneath!

Status:  Kept and Love

RD Style Salli Marled Split Back Knit Top $58

Here is a better picture of how the shirt would lay

This is another really fun shirt.  It looks like a normal (albeit very soft and cozy) top in the front, but when you turn around, you can see the fun split back detail.  I’m playing it up a little bit in the picture so that you can see the “split” easier.  It doesn’t rise up quite that high normally (I’m lifting my shoulder up for the picture).  However, if you wanted to make sure no skin would show, you can easily throw on a cami or tank top underneath!  I’m a sucker for easy, casual clothes with a “little something extra” to catch your eye.

*Red Jeans from ThredUp

Status:  Kept

Urban Expressions Elisha Zipper Accent Structured Satchel $58

I have been wanting this bag forever!  I think it’s been pinned to my Pinterest board almost since I started Stitch Fix, lol.  I’ve never seen it come in the red color before.  I love red!  In fact, I already have a red bag….and another bag with a lot of red on it.  But look at the lining on the inside!!  So fun!  That almost made me want to keep it, but I had to be strong and send it back since I’ve already got a few red bags.  However, I love the size.  I could totally see myself using this all the time while traveling.  It’s the perfect bag to take as a carry on for a flight or out walking around a city.  It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

*Necklace from Rocksbox

Status- Returned

Another awesome fix!!  If you want to see what your own personal stylist would pick out for you, fill out the Stitch Fix style profile to get started!

Holidays are on the way!  Did you know Stitch Fix has gift cards??  Know anyone that would love getting styled as much as you do?


You can check out all of my previous fixes here!  *December Stitch Fix is here!*

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Do you like to travel?  A lot of people have asked my how I travel as much as I do, so I wrote a post about how to travel more on any budget!

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Stitch Fix Review July 2015 and Giveaway!

Stitch Fix Review July 2015- and a Giveaway!!!

(Affiliate links within)

You guys…..I am so excited to share this month’s Stitch Fix with you (and to tell you about our first Giveaway)!!!  There were lots of “Oooooh’s” and “Ahhhhh’s” when I was opening the package.  My stylist is amazing!  She sent some really great stuff.  
Let me back up for a second in case some of you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix.  It’s a personal styling service for clothes.  You fill out a detailed questionnaire to let them know about your style and then each  month (if you want) a package comes to your door with 5 items.  You get 3 days to try on the clothes and decide what you like. You pay a $20 “styling fee” which covers shipping both ways, and the money for the stylist to choose your clothes.  If you like anything that $20 gets taken off your order!  Pretty cool.  If you want to keep all 5 pieces, you get an extra 25% off your total!  You can’t beat that!  If you want to send something back, you just pop it in the postage paid envelope that they provide you and put it in your mailbox.  Easy Peasy.  You can check out Stitch Fix here.
Ok, back to my awesome July Fix.  I had asked for some casual tops/dresses and maybe a bag that could work as a beach bag.  Well don’t you just know my wonderful stylist (Hi Kristy!) found all of that?  A couple months back she even sent me this dress that I loved (here) and on the feedback form, I mentioned I would buy it in every color….seriously.  lol.  Last month she mentioned they didn’t have any in my size, but she remembered and sent me one this month!!!  Giveaway– I am giving away a $20 Stitch Fix gift card to one lucky reader!  That’s $20 off your next favorite item or a risk free fix since it will cover the styling fee!  You can  enter at the bottom of this post!
Loveappella Roose Lace Detail Knit Tank  $48

Someone wanted to join in!

When I got my shipping notice, I looked ahead of time to see what I might be getting (i know…bad!) and I could not for the life of me find this tank!  So when I pulled it out of the box, it was really a surprise.  I think the first thing I said was “Ooooooo”.  It’s a pretty mint green lace overlay with a grey tank under it.  The tank itself is like a soft thick t-shirt material, with the lace overlay sewn on top at the neck and shoulders.  I love the colors and the lace.  Perfect shirt and I’m pretty sure I’m going to live in it.  
Status:  Kept

(Click to read more)

Skies are Blue Henlow Knit Halter Top  $38

This tank is great.  It has an interesting pattern, great colors and a cute cut out in the back.  The only thing is, I don’t usually do halter tops.  I’m small chested so strapless bras don’t work well on me.  I know they make halter ones, but I don’t have one.  This tank is growing on me though, as I look at the pictures, I really do like how it looks.  What’s nice is that it’s looser fitting while still being able to show off your figure.  If halter tops are your thing, I bet you’ll love this one!
Status: Kept for discount

Gilli Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress  $54

This was the dress that I was sent a couple months back in black, that I loved and wanted another in a different color.  Look at this gorgeous green!  Green is my favorite color and I still think this dress is amazing!  I will also get a ton of use out of this piece.  It’s so comfortable while being fitted up top and skimming the rest of the body so it could easily conceal any trouble areas.  She also mentioned that this dress would be great for the cruise that I am going on next month.  I agree!  This dress will look great in the Bahamas!  lol.  
Status:  Kept
Street Level Erik Striped Tote Bag  $48

This is the bag that my stylist sent that she thought would be a great beach bag.  How do they do it?   This is exactly what I pictured when I requested something that could work as a beach bag.  Down to the navy blue and off white stripes.  Perfect for the beach to throw towels, sunscreen, cover up, phone, and other essentials.  It’s a canvas bag too so sand should clean up easily from it!  Nailed it!
Status:  Kept

C.Luce Izzy Striped Dress  $68

You guys, this dress!  I feel like Jackie Kennedy in it!  I took so many pictures of it because I want you to see it from every side, it’s that good!  It seems a little more dressy to me than casual, but I think it’s just because I usually live in jeans.  First of all, it’s navy and white.  The top has some pleats on it….but the surprise is in the back.  Just look at that detail!  And the cut out!  The dress flares out at the waist.  When I searched for this dress before it was delivered, I only saw it in a mint green color….I like this navy even better!  I just love this dress too much to send it back!
Status:  Kept!

I think this might be my favorite fix yet!  And that’s hard to do since this is number 11.  Gosh, next month will be my 12th fix.  A whole year of fixes!  I’m still excited every. single. time.!  I might have to do a 1 year check in post after I receive that box that maybe talks about which pieces are still my favorite and stood the test of time, any surprises from pieces I thought I might not like and did…  If you want to join the fun, start filling out your Stitch Fix questionnaire!
Be sure to check back next Monday for my Monday Laughs column to bring a smile to the start of your week!  Here’s this week’s post.  
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